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What factors determine the quality of the gearbox

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This article briefly describes the factors that determine the quality of the gearbox, and the details of the specific judgment are described in a later article.
1, product design is scientific, such as product design life, the use of materials, waterproof performance design, through which the details to control product quality, should be designed to be taken into account by engineers.
2, whether through rigorous testing, gearbox torque, efficiency, speed ratio is detected by the equipment, whether the chemical composition analysis, the chemical elements are compliance.
3, the material is the best parts, the performance of the material parts are qualified.
A. Cabinet: In corrosive environment, the proposed selection of stainless steel; low temperature environment recommended LCB, LC1 and other materials, conventional environment selection WCB or GGG45. WCB is more powerful than the ductile iron, when the motor speed is high, it will not break the box, its mechanical performance is better than the ball material. Of course, there are more than WCB bulb grades, but the cost will be higher than WCB.
B. gear: often selected wear-resistant material: bronze, copper, ductile iron, if the valve open and close frequently, the motor speed is high, it is recommended to use all-copper or copper spiral, regular use of ductile iron can.
C. worm: no worm so simple, the regular use of 45 # steel, after quenching and quenching and then high-frequency quenching and then grinding, large torque selection 20CrMnTi material worm and bronze worm gear with two deceleration using spur gear reducer, wear strength and Transmission efficiency can be significantly improved.
D. Bearing: First, the choice of bearing type, bearing the processing accuracy of the size, the worm bearing position, the worm gear box bearing position is to ensure the stability of the gear box basis. The quality of the bearing is also the key to the life of the gear box, poor bearings in the torque will appear when the stuck, hold and so on. Will quickly reduce the life of the gear box, the general recommended the use of well-known brands.
E. Seal: common gearbox protection class IP65, in order to prevent high temperature oil leakage, it is recommended to use sealant and gasket. If the working environment requirements to be submerged, the protection level to be IP68 also need to use the type of oil seal.
F. Grease: good grease will play a protective gear, the role of the worm, poor worm with a few times from the paste into a solid, so that the gear box wear serious, resulting in scrapped. In the selection of oil first to consider the use of conditions, combined with the actual choice.

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