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How to choose valve gearbox?

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We have an article on some of the ways to determine the gear box is good or bad, so you can pick to the appropriate supplier, then you can choose the right product, and this article we talk about how to choose the gear box model.
Manual gearbox selection

1, confirm the valve torque, plus safety factor (general * 1.3 or 1.5), select the gearbox model larger than this torque.
2, check the information
A, stem diameter is beyond the maximum allowable size of the gearbox, if exceeded, according to the stem diameter size to select the gear box model. If it is a stem valve, determine the thread standard and size. If the keyway is connected, determine the number, size and location of the keyway.
B, the valve and the gear box connection size, such as inconsistent, the two manufacturers negotiate a solution, so that supporting the production. Now commonly used is the international ISO5211 / 5210 standard.
3. Other special factors: shell material selection, oil temperature selection, protection level, open direction (conventional counterclockwise open), paint color, protective cover size, packaging requirements.

Electric gearbox selection
1, through the valve torque and stem diameter we have chosen the appropriate gear box, according to the efficiency of the gearbox, speed ratio, you can calculate the required input torque, that is, the output torque of the Denso to choose Denso.
2, sometimes, valves and electrical equipment have been identified, need to choose the appropriate gearbox to the transition. First or according to the valve to select the gear box model, and then according to the valve torque, electrical equipment torque, gearbox efficiency to calculate the gearbox required speed ratio. The actual production in accordance with the speed ratio to do (generally single-stage gearbox ratio can not be changed, two-stage gear box can).
3, according to the speed, speed ratio, the number of revolutions to calculate the opening and closing valve time, not more than 15 minutes.

There is also a relatively simple way to provide valves, electrical equipment information to the gear box manufacturers, so that engineers choose, will choose a suitable and economical model for you.

Let's talk about what factors affect the service life of the gearbox.